About SocialNetConomy

cropped-logo1.pngThe aim of this blog is to provide some “food for thoughts” about how social networks are impacting our life – both our business and our professional life. This is why I have called it


Social networks have allowed customers and brands to interact with each other for the first time. Some B2B logics are starting to appear in B2C and viceversa. Our culture is changing and our behaviour is changing when we relate with each other or with brands, and when brands relate with us. They have changed their tone of conversation and the way they expose themselves to some sort of “public judgement”.

This blog often asks questions, such as “Are we using social media the right way?”, “What can we do better?”, “What did we do wrong?”

This blog is about my personal opinion on what’s going on and should not be referred to any past, current or future employers.

You can see my LinkedIn profile here and you can follow me on twitter.

Your constructive comments are welcome. You can contact me privately by filling in the form on the Contact SocialNetConomy page or you can email me at:


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